WiSTONE was founded by Ms. Cindy Cao in 2006. In 2009, Mr. Richard Wu became the CEO and WiSTONE completed the financing rounds invested by IDG, Chengwei Ventures and TBP Capital. Currently the company has 160+ employees.

Annual revenue of WiSTONE in 2011 is over 100 million RMB, with tens of millions net profits in RMB. WiSTONE is one of the most talented developer team in the sphere of mobile & wireless games in China, with top grossing and profits. Monthly revenue distribution: iOS Games, 1 million+ USD; Browser Games, 1 million+ USD; WAP Games, 1 million+ RMB; SYMBIAN/MTK/JAVA Games, 1 million+ RMB. Among the products in 2011, War 2 Victory iOS version sets the highest records of grossing, which has been ranked as No1 among all applications in App Store in China. Within 8 months, the revenue of iOS version reaches 5.5 million USD.

In 2012, Android version of War 2 Victory becomes another attractive offering in the market, and turns to be the new growing profitable services of WiSTONE.

WiSTONE products has been rewarded with a big portfolio of honors in mainland China, and also successfully launched worldwide. Now, hundreds of sets of servers are running in countries or regions including mainland China, Taiwan, U.S.A., Germany, Greece, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Japan, and more. Tens of millions of Players from 100+ countries are enjoying the games provided by WiSTONE, and at this very moment, hundreds of thousands of Players are in the virtual world created by WiSTONE entertainment.

WiSTONE offers products not only of PC browsers, but also that on platforms including WAP, K-JAVA, MTK, SYMBIAN, iOS, ANDROID, FLASH, etc.. Multi-platform game services as well as development capabilities have become the core competitive factors of WiSTONE.

As many talents join, WiSTONE is a team with the most experienced pioneers with proud achievements. Many members of the management team have been devoted to this industry for over ten years, who are able to create state-of-the-art products with global vision.

We're Incredible STONE

We are the Incredible STONE in game industry. We firmly believe in offering creative products to Players consistently. We hope our works can simply bring more fun to every corner in this world, or maybe just a hearty smile from Player - we become satisfied with it already.